bulletTravelogue Costa Rica - Day 5, Monday, 22nd November, 2010

Spider WebHorquetas de Sarapiqui - La Fortuna: 158 km (99 mi)

Continuous rain was yesterday. The new day even begins with sunshine. So we and the owner’s dog make use of this opportunity in the form of a short hike before breakfast. It’s really a beautiful morning. Except some coloured birds we unfortunately don’t see any animals. But at least we discover a big spider web.

While having breakfast we start chatting with a nice couple from Toronto. They are retired and are now doing the travels they couldn’t do in the past because of their children.

Here in Costa Rice they have a private driver and a separate private tour guide because they are afraid of driving themselves. This is of course an expensive thing, but for sure they learn much more about the country than we do.

lke and the dogE
ur "breakfast" Kaiman

Great food at La Choza in La FortunaAfter an extensive farewell to Jean Pierre we start our drive to La Fortuna at 09.00 a.m. The friving time ist abt. 2 ½ hours on very good roads. Upon arrival in la Fortuna we have lunch in restaurant “La Choza”.

We order a whole BBQ chicken which is served with guacamole, refried beans, flour tortillas and salsa. Delicious and very nicely presented. While we are eating a strong cloudburst comes down. Fortunately soon after that it brightens again, and we think that we have had our rain for today. But we are in error as we will see later.

After lunch we drive to our new accomadation, Hotel Silencio del Campo, abt. 4 km (2.5 mi) outside the village. The extremely maintained plant is a true eye catcher. We receive a very friendly welcome at the reception. While having a welcome drink we listen to the usual explantions about the hotels and things to do.

 Our cabin at Silencio del CampoBed at Siliencio del Campo

Wasserfall bei La FortunaWe move in our spacious chalet and soon afterwards we are on the road again driving to Fortuna waterfall. A little rain sets in but this can’t discourage us from our plans.

Ten minutes later we have reached the entrance to the waterfal where we have to pay 10 US$ entrance fee per person. That’s totally overpriced like most of the entrance fees in Costa Rica. We have to climb 400 steps downstairs (didn’t count them) to reach this truly beautiful waterfall.

Actually we wanted to go for a swim here. But meanwhile the light rain has turned into another cloudburst, and we are already completely soaked. Taking off our hiking boots now would not be a good idea as we want to avoid they will get soaked inside. So we refrain from swimming and decide to get back to our car and the hotel as quickly as possible.

Der nasse PatrickDie nasse ElkeWe are not only soaked to the bones, but it has also become quite cold. There it does well to take a relaxing bath in the warm thermal pool of our hotel. In the La Fortuna area there are a number of large and expensive thermal resorts like Baldi Hit Springs of Tabacon Thermal Resort. But why should we spend a small fortune at these resorts? Our hotel pool is just fine, and it’s free of charge!

The rain continues all afternoon long. We kill time by reading and in between Elke enjoys a facial in the Spa which is on the house.

In the evening we drive to La Fortuna to have dinner at Anch’io Italian Restaurant. The pizza there is highly recommended by tripadvisor members. Unfortunately they have no table for us and ask us to come back in half an hour.

We decide to bridge the time by a stroll through the town. This plan doesn’t work however because of another heavy rain shower. Just in time before getting soaked to the skin the second time today we flee to a souvenir shop.

After about 15 minutes the heavy rain lightens and we can make another attempt at Anch’io Italian Restaurant. This time we are lucky to get a table. We enjoy a very nice asparagus soup as starter followed by a crispy pizza.


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