bulletTravelogue Costa Rica - Day 11, Sunday, 28th November 2010

Our room at Aroma CampoRincon de la Vieja National Park - Samara: 137 km (84 mi)

On the one hand we are happy that we can leave our uncomfortable room with its too small bed. On the other hand however we are really sorry that we have to say “good bye” to the unique ambiance of Aroma Campo.

Never before we have had such mixed feelings about an accommodation, but the positive impressions are predominant, and we don’t regret having stayed here.

A short view in other rooms make us feel that we have been given the worst room (probably because it was the last available room left when we checked in). The other rooms look brighter and some of them offer a nice view from the bed.

A short ride brings us to Liberia where we stop for shopping and filling our car. Although it’s a Sunday the big „Jumbo“ Our room at The Hideawaysupermarket is open. On good roads we then proceed via Nicoya to Playa Samara. Total driving time without stops is 2 ½ hours.

It’s only 11:30 a.m. when we check in at the Hideaway Hotel which is situated some miles outside of Samara. This accomodation is a real gem: not too big (only 12 rooms) and very well-kept.

Our room is on the upper floor and is very spacious and comfortable. We have a large private balcony and even a partial ocean view. What a difference compared to the room we had the two nights before. We are very lucky not having stayed here
b e f o r e Aroma del Campo. That definitely wouldn’t have worked

But this way we are completely happy and look forward to our 4 nights stay here. And also the sun, which shines from a blue sky since we got up in the morning, contributes a lot to our wellbeing.

Our room is upstairs to the rightHideaway Hotel

Playa SamaraTo get to the beach it’s only a two minutes walk. At first sight however the beach is somewhat disappointing because the access is covered with garbage. But it’s a very wide beach and perfect for beachcombing. And that’s what we are doing now. After half an hour walk we reach Samara where we have lunch at a beach restaurant. Afterwards we explore the small town of Samara: souvenir stalls, restaurants – not very exciting.

Meanwhile there are dark clouds in the sky and and our way back it starts raining. When we arrive at our hotel we are soaked to the skin. A hasty employee shows up with an umbrella and wants to escort Elke to our room. That’s very attentive but as useless as giving a bottle of seawater to somebody who is dying with thirst.

Later in the afternoon the afternoon rainfall decreases and weg o down to the pool for trying the speciality of the house: Mango- Margarita. Yummy!

In the evening we have dinner at the hotel. Nice ambiance sitting at the pool and very nice food. The homemade guacamole is to die for.


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